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Moon Sighting of Shawwal NOT Sighted PDF Print E-mail
Written by Report   


                             Moon has NOT BEEN SIGHTED

New moon has NOT BEEN SIGHTED across North America or South America..Few sighting reports that came very late from California based on which few hilal committees declared eid are unauthentic and could not be verified..

Hence EID Ul Fitr is on Saturday Jul 18th 2015


Other Hilal Committes that took similair stand are

Introduction PDF Print E-mail
Written by ilyas syed   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 18:16

The Main objective of this web site is to serve all the Muslims irrespective of their sects, schools of Fiqh- Jurisprudence etc.
Hence, all the Hilal committees, organizations and volunteers who arrange for Moon Sighting may freely send their announcements,notifications and brief articles etc. on the subject to be posted on this web site. However, political organizations are not allowed because this is purely a religious effort.

 Please note that we are not against using the Astronomical Calculations. They are useful and have their own value. We believe
they can be used to facilitate in working out the possible date and time of sightabality. Nevertheless the first date of the next month cannot be decided only on the basis of calculations whatever the accuracy rate might be. In the light of the injunctions of the Qur’an and Sunnah we cannot give up actual moon sighting. Please remember what the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:      

 “Start fasting by seeing the moon and end fasting by seeing the moon."

Only to emphasize on “seeing” he said in another tradition that:

                   “Do not start fasting without seeing the moon and Do not end it without seeing the moon.”

Over and above, the Qur’an has laid down that New Moons are the “appointed times” for the people. Thus the Qur’an says:

           “They will question thee concerning the new moons. Say: they are appointed times for the people, and the pilgrimage.”

                                                                                                                           (Translation by A J Arberry)

Therefore, the perpetual practice of the Ummah of sighting the moon cannot be given away by completely, depending upon the
Astrological calculations. We have to make a little effort to sight the new moons. This effort being in obedience to God and His Prophet SAS,it would be of Sawab –( rewarding) for us in this and the next world. People who oppose the moon sighting and plead for depending solely on calculations very often point out to the differences and disputes that arise on the Festivals every year. They say that these disputes arise on account of depending upon the moon sightings. The underlying truth is very few Muslims in a country take the trouble to sight the New moon. If at least a sizable fraction of the population in a country or a region makes up their mind to sight the New Moon in obedience to the commandment of God and His Prophet SAS, most of the disputes will simply eliminate. This may require perhaps an effort on the part of about just ten percent  of the population. Sharing the information for the benefit of the community has become very easy in the computer age. So let us make an effort
and share this information. This Web site is meant to serve this virtuous cause.

 Hence, the request with all the Hilal Committees, organizations and volunteers,  whatever sect or school of Fiqh they may belong to, may communicate with us by sending their moon sighting information on time every month to enable us to make it widespread.                                

 With the best wishes,                                                              

Last Updated on Monday, 05 October 2009 17:02

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